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Volkswagen AG is a German automotive group founded in 1937 and based in Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony. It markets many types of vehicles through its car brands Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Cupra, Škoda, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Jetta, Ducati motorbikes, and Scania, MAN, Navistar trucks.


Golf, la référence

Fabrice Maze - 58'


The Volkswagen Golf, which has produced more than 20 million cars since 1974, will soon deprive the Beetle of the title of most produced car in the world. In 1976 the legendary Golf GTI with 110 HP was launched. The Golf GTI in its black livery, as comfortable in the city as in a rally special, quickly became the trendy car of the 1980s and was copied by all the major manufacturers. Michel Le Paire, father of the French 16-valve Golf GTI, is a passionate and unavoidable witness to the development and success of the Golf in France. Hervé Brossard, President of DDB Group France and DDB Europe, will introduce us to the humorous and impertinent spirit of the Golf's advertising campaigns.

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