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Fabrice Maze

Born in 1949, under the sign of Sagittarius, Fabrice Maze lives and works in Paris. After studying at the EFAP, he obtained a BA and graduated from the Training Centre for Journalists in 1973. He directed short surrealist-inspired films and was certified as a television producer in 1978. Then he shot his first documentary about the surrealist painter Yves Tanguy and until 1999 dedicated himself to his career as a television producer. Eclectic, he directed over 150 hours of programmes on scientific, literary, social and musical topics. He participated in many programmes on TF1, Antenne 2 and FR3, including Time X, Demandez la lune and Objectif Tintin. He also directed docudramas as well as cultural clips with Gonzague Saint Bris. In 1991, Canal+ commissioned a documentary from him on their headquarters at Quai André Citroën: Canal+ sur Seine. Since 1999, he has dedicated himself exclusively to writing and directing documentaries, focusing on three themes: the history of the automobile, spirituality and the history of art (including the history of Surrealism), which are developed and produced by Seven Doc.

Director of photography

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Michel Bonnat

Michel Bonnat studied between 1964 and 1966 at the Italian Film School (CSC, Centro sperimentale di cinematografia) where he was able to work as a trainee assistant on films shot at Cinecittà, notably for Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini, John Huston, Franco Zeffirelli and Luigi Comencini.
Back in Franc
e, he is part of the team of the film "Corpus Lascaux", the first film archive of the caves of Lascaux, to document the 800 paintings and 1500 engravings of the famous French cave, without exceeding 30 hours of presence inside the hole.
Fabrice Maze's travelling companion since 1972, he has been in all his films of the Collection Moteur and the Collection Phares on surrealism.

Chief video operator


Philippe Pion

A trained editor and cameraman, Philippe Pion has worked on numerous documentaries as director of photography (France 3, KTO, ARTE, Voyage, France 2, etc.). He was also director of photography for the fiction series Vice Versa (26 x 26') produced by France 2. Also a director, both institutional and documentary, he directed two films for Seven Doc & Les Editions Publialp: Les Bernouzes , the eye and the heart (in the art theme) and Ultréia, from Arles to Santiago de Compostela, in the Spirituality Collection. In his films, humans are often his common thread.



Gérard Chiron

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