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Citroën is a French car manufacturer. Its long name is Automobiles Citroën. The company was founded in March 1919 by André Citroën. The brand has always been known for its cutting-edge technology and has repeatedly revolutionised the world of the automotive industry.


La 2CV, un art de vivre

Fabrice Maze - 45'


The 2CV is one of the most important cars in French motoring history for 50 years. This film is dedicated to this mythical car and to those who actively participated in its early years. Jean Malard is one of them. Founder of the first 2CV Club in the world, organizer of rallies and tours since 1952, he opens his exceptional and unpublished archives to us. Jean Vinatier, author of nine international records in 1953 at the wheel of the 2CV Barbot, accompanies Jean Malard in the evocation of his fabulous memories.


DS, la reine de la route

Fabrice Maze - 51'


It was at the 1955 Motor Show that one of the great automotive myths of the 20th century appeared: the DS. It stunned the public as much as the engineers when its technical secrets were revealed: hydropneumatic suspension, power steering, semi-automatic gearbox, disc brakes, not forgetting its unique aerodynamic lines, its visibility and its incomparable comfort. Its extraordinary road holding and robustness allowed it to enter competitions from 1956. It won dozens of international rallies on all types of terrain, including the famous Monte Carlo Rally in 1959 and 1966.


Traction-Avant Citroën

Fabrice Maze - 120'


From 1934 to 1957, the Traction accompanied the history of France for twenty-three years. Today, more than ever, it is a mythical car in the history of the world automobile. Olivier de Serres, historian, invites us to share the fascinating history of this revolutionary car. In the heart of Touraine, you will discover exceptional Traction trays, from the 7A of 1934 to the 15 Six H of 1955. Rare and unpublished news documents complete this unforgettable audiovisual history of the Traction.


Tractionades 2003

Fabrice Maze - 50'


On July 12 and 13, 2003, the first edition of the International Festival of Traction-Avant took place on the Charade circuit above Clermont-Ferrand. The philosophy of this first Tractionades festival, initiated by Eric Massiet du Biest, was to bring together all the amateurs and professionals, national clubs and former Tracbars, "conservative" and "progressive" Tractionists in an atmosphere of conviviality, humour and friendship.

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